Selected materials

Kiehl podiatry instruments are made of a German high-grade stainless steel. Over decades of our production in tools we developed a lot of knowledge which steel offers the best criteria as a combination of hardness, sharpness, lifetime and in particular resistance to every day sterilisation by autoclave or disinfecting acids. We mainly work with a homogenized maraging steel which offers a good compromise of the demanded criteria. However an even more important role than the material itself play the various surface and hardening treatments which serve to ensure the anti-oxydating behaviour even under the high demands of the autoclave. We can ensure, that there is no micro-crystalline corrosion which is the major problem of inferior or non-suitable material and as well of unperfect production-treatments of instruments. The steel is hot-forged to reach the form of the item an to reach an intended change of the molecular structure to more solidity.

The selected materials represent the optimal combination of oxydation-protection, hardness, sharpness and life-time of the product. Some of the above demands are contradictory in their effects on the material choice. So over the years we have developed together with our steel producers the optimal combination for a perfect instrument.



Kiehl nippers are made in more than 90 working-steps from the forge to a perfect tool. Some rough work is done by robots to ensure an absolute equal design from one item to another. The major finish and sharpening can only be done by highly educated and experiences craftsman who give the perfect cut to each tool. In an iterative process of sharpening, checking and resharpening again each nipper is brought to the perfection our customers are used to. To teach and train such a craftsman it takes ca. 5-6 years before a talented person can make a good product on his own. A certain talent is necessary as well and a lot of people will never learn it.



During the production every instrument passes defined control steps for a permanent selection of those how are not or not yet fulfilling our quality standards. Kiehl has developed such standards even before it was a necessary criteria for German medical products. At the end each tool is again undergoing an end-control to ensure that only perfect items leave our warehouse.



Kiehl professional steel implements (except for single use items) are guaranteed for five years for production defects. If within this time a problem should occur we exchange the item. Of course this guarantee does not cover a misuse of the product or a lack of maintenance. In particular it is absolutely necessary, that each nipper is oiled regularly with a suitable oil product after each procedure of sterilisation. We can provide the necessary oil as well.


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